NEWS | June 17, 2020

M113A3-Series FOV: Rear Ramp Cable Repair Kits

There are reports from the field that units are either ordering the wrong replacement pulley or not installing all parts from the cable repair kit.

On the M113A3 FOV, it’s important not to replace individual parts on the rear ramp cable system unless the cable repair kit has already been installed. Otherwise, old and new parts will be mixed.
A new cable will not fit into old pulley
A new cable will not fit into old pulley
If the cable repair kit hasn’t been installed on your vehicle, then start by installing the complete kit.
  • On the M113A3 and MBT, use NSN 4010-01-550-7457.
  • On the M1064A3 mortar carrier, use NSN 4010-01-567-4347.
Once the entire kit has been installed, replace parts that go bad individually thereafter.