NEWS | June 17, 2020

M1231 Husky: Loose Nut a Suspension Killer


During the BEFORE and AFTER PMCS on your M1231 Husky, look for loose hardware on the lower shock absorber bracket. The vehicle is NMC if the bracket, bolt, or locknut is loose, damaged or missing.
Vehicle vibration loosens the nut.  Eventually, the nut and bolt come apart and are lost. That causes a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle’s suspension system.
There should be a line marked across the nut and bolt. If the line doesn’t line up, the nut has loosened. Remember though, the line is only for reference purposes. Realigning it doesn’t mean the nut is properly torqued. Your mechanic needs to do that.
The lower shock absorber bracket
The lower shock absorber bracket

While you’re at it, look for shiny spots on the nut’s washer and for any corrosion buildup around the nut. That indicates movement, too.
If the nut, NSN 5310-01-597-5003, and alignment bolt, NSN 5305-12-150-8323, are missing, get your mechanic to replace them. He or she will also re-tighten a loose nut to 155 lb-ft.
If there’s no mark on the nut or bolt, use a paint pen, NSN 7520-01-207-4167, to make your own line across the nut and end of the bolt.
Line marked across the nut and bolt
Line marked across the nut and bolt
Just make sure your mechanic has it torqued properly first.