NEWS | June 15, 2020

966H Wheel Loader: What’s That Squeaky Noise?

966H Wheel Loader
Photo by Michael Franck


You’ll know it when you hear it. That loud squeaky noise on your 966H wheel loader’s bucket is the pivot pins and lift arms screaming for attention.
Without regular lube, the bucket starts to squeak when it’s raised or lowered. You’ll know the problem’s getting dire when the bucket starts moving erratically during operations.
The bucket’s bank of grease fittings are located on the driver’s side of the vehicle at ground level. Every week, give all of the grease fittings three to five pumps of grease. 
966H wheel loader bucket grease fittings
966H wheel loader bucket grease fittings
If a fitting is clogged and won’t take grease, report it.  Your mechanic will install a new fitting, NSN 4730-00-050-4208, in its place.