NEWS | June 12, 2020

Backhoe Loader (BHL): Avoid Turbo Burnout!

For you newly-trained backhoe loader (BHL) operators, remember to use the fuel pump solenoid switch to prime and protect the BHL’s turbocharger. 
The switch is located to the right and just below the steering wheel. Holding the switch down shuts off the engine’s prime fuel pump. The engine won’t start, but the turbocharger gets primed and lubricated before actual startup.
To do it right, follow these steps from WP 0010-4 in TM 5-2420-231-10 (Feb 09):

1. Engage the parking brake.
2. Shift the direction control lever to the neutral position.
3. Press and hold the right side of the fuel pump solenoid switch to disengage the fuel pump.
4. From the operator’s seat, turn the starter key switch to START and actuate the starter motor for 10 seconds, then turn the starter key switch back to the OFF position.
5. Release the fuel pump solenoid switch. The fuel pump will reengage.
6. Follow the Starting Engine procedure that starts on WP 0010-2 to start the engine.

Remember, the fuel pump solenoid is used only when the engine hasn’t been started for a long time or whenever the engine oil has drained completely and won’t be refilled right away.  Matter of fact, Guard and Reserve units need to keep this tip in mind, too!