NEWS | June 12, 2020

D7R II Dozer: Check Bolts on Frame

D7 Dozer in support of Golden Coyote 2017
Photo by Spc. Jeffery Harris
A good operator knows that one of the first items you’ll find in the D7R II dozer’s PMCS in TM 5-2410-241-10 (Oct 11) is a statement that says to make sure the vehicle’s bolts, nuts and screws aren’t loose, missing, bent or broken. If any of them are, notify your mechanic. 
The frame bolts, in particular, need a second look before you fire up your dozer at the worksite.
Frame Bolts
Take a close look at the bolts that mount into the frame just above the track in the back of the vehicle. These bolts are easy to overlook, especially if the dozer is coated in mud. But they loosen from vibration and can back out completely. Loose bolts chew into the frame, causing too much sway in the vehicle.
Check the bolts weekly for movement!
Check the bolts weekly for movement!

So clean off the bolts and look for any shiny spot or corrosion around the head that indicates movement. If the bolts are still tight, use a white marker pen or some torque seal, NSN 8030-01-657-9033, to make a line across the bolt and frame. The next time the bolt moves, the lines won’t line up.