NEWS | June 8, 2020

Shadow: Battery Maintenance Training

Soldiers mount a RQ-7B Shadow tactical unmanned aircraft system onto the hydraulic launcher.
Photo by Gertrud Zach
Shadow units, getting the full 10-year service life out of your lithium battery for the RQ-7B Shadow requires proper lithium battery maintenance and care.

Following your TM’s battery maintenance schedule is crucial to a mission-ready aircraft.

To get a head start on battery care, the Project Manager Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System office (PM TUAS) posted a battery training aid on the JTDI website. It’s a great familiarization tool to support unit-led operator training and verifying your unit is proficient at lithium battery maintenance.  You can view it on the JTDI website:
After you sign in with your CAC, click the My Sites drop-down menu and select UAS. Then select Shadow from the menu bar. Scroll down to training and click on Shadow Battery Training_2020_03_23.

You can also view the PDF training aid attached to this article. Get informed and take lithium battery care and maintenance seriously so you can use its full 10-year service life.