NEWS | May 26, 2020

UH-60A/L Black Hawk: Block Birds from Building Nests

Dear Sergeant Blade,

I’m reaching out for any information on systems, covers or plugs that are used by units to deal with birds nesting on aircraft. Where I’m stationed, bird nests are an annual issue. We’ve tried to locally produce foam pads that are used between the stabilator and the camber fairing, but they always seem to get misplaced or deteriorate during the nesting season. If you have any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated. Can you help?
CW3 C.S.   

Dear Chief,

We can help you with this. Birds often flock and nest under the cambered fairing of Black Hawks. Bird nests can present a FOD problem. And because nests hold moisture, they can create corrosion. When nests dry, the material gets hot and creates a potential fire hazard, too. While aircraft sit on the flight line, birds can squeeze through the opening where the stabilator and the stabilator actuator connect. That opening provides a great spot for birds to build nests.
Darius Johnson, a creative mechanic, came up with a way to prevent birds from ever building nests. He made a bird blocker out of rubber foam, then put the blocker’s thin front end between the stabilator and the fairing to cover the opening. Here are the dimensions to fabricate the bird blocker:
Diagram and dimensions of unit-made bird blocker
Have back shop make bird blocker
Place blocker between fairing and stabilator
Place blocker between fairing and stabilator

After you make it, attach a REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT streamer. Then you can keep those pesky birds from making your aircraft “home sweet home”.