NEWS | May 20, 2020

H-60A/L and CH-47F: Software Updated for EAWIS?

This article initially appeared in PS 796 (Mar 19), p. 26.


If your Chinook or Black Hawk aircraft has the encrypted airborne wireless intercommunication system (EAWIS), you may need a software update.

Inspect your aircraft now and record the software being used on the handheld enhanced mobile equipment (EME) and the integrated aircraft interface unit (IAIU) located on the main EAWIS hub in the cabin overhead. Submit that information to PM Air Warrior (PM-AW) to make sure the systems have the latest software.
Check EME Front and Back

Check IAIU Front


Verify EME has latest software update label on back of EME 

Verify IAIU has latest software update label on front of IAIU
If your aircraft needs a software update, PM-AW will make the arrangements. Contact the Air Warrior headshed for guidance. The POC is Michael Carpenter, contact him by email at:
For Air Warrior information, check out their website at:
Use the infographic below to help spread the word:
Encrypted airborne wireless intercommunication system (EAWIS) infographic
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