NEWS | May 19, 2020

M66 Ring Mount: Proper Service and Storage Is a Must!

Marne Air Soldiers perform convoy live-fire training
Photo by Patrick Young
Some units that no longer need M66 ring mounts, NSN 1005-00-701-2810, have been told to transfer their ring mounts to units that need them. But all units aren’t following the proper steps for servicing and storing them. 
For example, some of the ring mounts have been removed and stored upside down and outside. This allows water to enter past the felt seal, which can lead to rust and corrosion.
When removing the ring mount, follow the storage and shipment guidance in WP 0001-3 of TM 9-1005-451-13&P (Apr 14).
There you’ll find three (3) easy steps to prevent damage and corrosion.
  1. Lock the brake assembly so the ring doesn’t turn.
  2. Install the ring cover, if applicable.
  3. Use a fine spray of CLP to restrict surface rust and corrosion.
Make sure you store the ring mount in a clean dry area out of exposure to the weather.

If you’re in a unit that’s receiving a transferred ring mount, you need to follow instructions for service upon receipt in WP 0014 of TM 9-1005-451-13&P. It tells you to:
  1. Make sure you’ve received all the items listed on the shipping document.
  2. Inspect the items for damage that might have occurred during shipment.
  3. Clean and lube parts using WP 0013.
  4. Perform PMCS using WP 0012.
  5. Perform function checks using WP 0005 and WP 0006.
If both the losing and gaining units follow the procedures in the TM, the ring mounts will be in good shape and ready to operate after they’re installed.