NEWS | May 11, 2020

All Aircraft: Emergency Response Methodology

Aviation crews,

A recent US Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE) analysis of mishaps showed a need for training in crew reactions to aircraft emergencies, especially when it comes to large-scale combat operations (LSCO) flight profiles with junior aircrew.

In past decades, crewmember responses to aircraft emergencies depended on training in memorization and rapid execution of emergency action steps with aircraft that didn’t have redundant systems. This training approach worked then, but as aircraft evolve and become more sophisticated, flight crew training must also evolve.

In an effort to prevent errors in aircraft emergency responses, the Aviation Center of Excellence partnered with the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center at Ft Rucker, AL, and put out Flightfax Special Edition #2.  It introduces the emergency response methodology (ERM).

Check out the attached PDF to get more info about it. 
Flightfax: Intro of the Emergency Response Methodology
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