NEWS | May 5, 2020

M1134, M1253 Stryker: Avoid a Missile Mishap!

Reading this article could potentially save your unit $200,000 and you a lot of grief!

Be sure to always conduct the pre-mission GRIPS tests and correct firing sequences for your anti-tank guided missile system (ATGM) Stryker. If you don’t, it’s possible you could launch an approximately $200,000 missile by mistake!
Once the umbilical is inserted into the missile, the missile can fire when the remaining firing sequence steps are completed, even if the steps are done out of order. That raises the chances of a missile firing before you want it to!
You’ll find the GRIPS test and firing sequences in TM 9-2355-311-10 (Sep 16) for the M1134 Stryker and TM 9-2355-367-10 (Sep 16) for the M1253 double V hull Stryker.
For more information, check out TACOM Ground Safety Action Message 20-011: