NEWS | April 29, 2020

Unauthorized Mods are a No-Go!

Just say no to unauthorized mods
Photo by Sgt. Mitch Armbruster

It might seem like a good idea to modify weapons, vehicles or other equipment to make them “better.” But before you think about modifying anything, think again!

No matter who does the work—you, your buddies, vendors or contractors—unauthorized modifications are against regulations. Not only that, unauthorized modifications can impact your ability to carry out your mission. It might even affect safety and survivability.

All modifications have to be made through an approved modification work order (MWO), just like it says in AR 750-10, The Army Modification Program (Oct 19).

Even commanders are not allowed to modify equipment unless an MWO authorizes it.

See a suspect or questionable mod? Report it to your mechanic and local LAR. They’ll get you squared away!

And don’t forget: After completing an MWO, as well as safety of use messages (SOUMs), maintenance advisory messages (MAMs) and/or ground precautionary messages (GPAs), you must enter that information into the modification management information system (MMIS).

Access MMIS through AESIP: