NEWS | April 24, 2020

T700 Aircraft Engines: Inspect Cold Section Modules Before Turn-in


Are you eyeballing the T701 engine’s cold section module (CSM) blades for erosion? That’s not good enough! Never rely on your eyes to determine erosion damage. It must be measured.

Before you send in a CSM, do this: Perform a compressor rotor blade inspection to determine if the engine CSM blades are within erosion and damage limits like it says in TM 1-2840-248-23&P (Jun 17). Use the procedure to significantly restore engine performance by blending compressor rotor blades that have eroded or experienced foreign object damage (FOD).
Engine CSMs can have light or heavy damage and still be repaired
If the CSM can’t be repaired, record the information on the DA Form 2410. When you write up the condition code tags and paperwork, be detailed in describing the problem before sending it in with the engine to Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD).

Units in need of field-level training on this issue should contact their General Electric contract field service representative (FSR). Training costs the unit nothing, and it can take place when and where you need it.  

Take advantage of on-the-job training, and don’t forget to request assistance from your Logistics Assistance Representatives (LARs), too. They can help with engine CSM blade erosion checks.