NEWS | April 21, 2020

Rail Cars: Locomotives Inspection Form Reminder

Image of U.S. Army locomotive engine
U.S. Army locomotive engine (courtesy copy)

Army regulation, Federal Railroad Association (FRA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) require annual technical inspections on government-owned locomotives and rail cars.
These inspections are mandatory and qualified representatives from the Defense Non-Tactical Generator and Rail Center (DGRC) conduct at least one every twelve months.
Now listen up! Form FRA F6180-49A, Locomotive Inspection and Repair Record, must be in the locomotive’s cab.  But a missing form is a common problem during inspections. 
Form FRA F6180-49A (blue card) has two uses:
  • Show proof that the locomotive and rail cars comply with regulations.
  • Provide a record of maintenance required by the FRA and DOT.       
So remember, the original copy of the form stays in the cab of the locomotive.  Place it in a protected clear cover. 
Another copy of the most updated form is put on file at the user level until the next periodic inspection. 
A third copy is kept at DGRC, but only until a new report is made and the old forms are tossed away.
Instructions for properly filling out Form FRA F6180-49A are included on the back of the form. You can also find guidance in DA PAM 750-8, The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users Manual (Aug 05, w/Rev, Sep 11).
You can download a copy of FRA F 6180 49A from our MilSuite suite at: