NEWS | April 21, 2020

AN/TPQ-53: Bumpy Ride Busts ACPIA

Heeding this article could save your unit over $60,000
AN/TPQ-53(V): Shelter VPC-95 and Antenna TPY-3(V) (Courtesy photo)
The AN/TPQ-53(V) radar consists of two (2) M1092 trucks, the VPC-95 shelter and the TPY-3(V) antenna.

A 45-percent failure rate of the AC Power Input Assembly (ACPIA) on the TPY-3(V) is happening due to operator error. The problem is that the switch box/generator on the PP-3106 power unit hits the ACPIA over rough terrain when pulled by the TPY-3(V) antenna system. The damage costs about $62,728 per incident.
PP-3106 power unit is in TM 9-6115-759-13&P (Nov 11)
Here’s the fix:

Pull the switch box/generator using the VPC-95 shelter instead. It allows enough clearance over rough terrain to prevent damage to the ACPIA.
Switch box and generator
Antenna TPY-3 pulling switch box/generator.
The ACPIA is on the rear of the TPY-3 (Courtesy photo)

Damaged ACPIA
Damaged ACPIA (Courtesy photo)

Also, make sure the towing pintle on the M1092 truck is extended. That maximizes clearance.
Tow pintle extension
Fully extend towing pintle on truck (Courtesy photo)

And be sure to disconnect the cable from the 60-kW generator on the TPY-3 before transport. Then you can avoid the damage that can occur if the power cable is still connected to the ACPIA when the truck is driven away.
Damaged ACPIA
Damaged ACPIA due to cable being left attached (Courtesy photo)

Visit PS Magazine’s milSuite group for more guidance, including CECOM GSA 2018-003, the related ground safety action message: