NEWS | April 20, 2020

M9 Pistol: Flat Doesn’t Always Mean a Flat Rejection

Sgt. James Baird readies his M9
Photo by Calvin Reimold

Too many M9 pistols are being declared NMC because their recoil springs have flat spots.
TM 9-1005-317-23&P says an M9 pistol is NMC if its recoil spring has bends, breaks, burrs, flat spots or the spring’s free length is not at least five inches.
Flat spots on spring’s ends are OK
Flat spots on spring’s ends are OK

So when an armorer spots a recoil spring with a flat spot, he sends it to field maintenance for a new spring.
But only in the TM’s specific standards in WP 0018 00-2 does it explain that it’s OK for the spring to have flat spots if they’re at the ends of the spring.
Some recoil springs come from the manufacturer with flat spots at their ends and those springs are fine as long as they pass the other standards.
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