NEWS | April 13, 2020

ACFT: There’s an App for That!

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is one thing every Soldier knows. Training for the ACFT and training correctly is a must. Fortunately, there’s a tool that helps do it right.

Check out this ACFT app that’s chock-full of features. It’s easy to track your results and progress. The free app:
  • Calculates your ACFT score.
  • Saves your score (as practice or record).
  • Calculates multiple scores at once.
  • Has videos showing how to perform each event and more, like setting up an ACFT lane. Written instructions are also included.
  • Has a physical demand category calculator that outputs the category based on the MOS/AOC.
App makes it easy to score, track and grade results
  • Includes a stopwatch feature that counts down the time for each physical demand category, like the sprint-drag-carry and two-mile run.
  • Contains a timer for the maximum deadlift, standing power throw, hand release push-up and leg tuck.
  • Uses a physical demand category (moderate, significant, and heavy) to determine if you passed at your respective level.
  • Exports results to DA Form 705 (APFT scorecard).

App has built-in stopwatch, so no extra equipment needed
Ready to run with it? Visit:
or in the Apple Store App, search for “ACFT.”
Army ACFT runners
Accurate times are a must in the ACFT
Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Garrick Morgenweck