NEWS | April 8, 2020

Containerized Kitchen: Water Pump NSN Found

Dear Half-Mast,

I have an issue with a water pump that’s not working in my containerized kitchen, NSN 7360-01-473-3408. Item 5 in Fig 19 of TM 10-7360-226-13&P (Aug 01, w/Ch 4, Mar 07) shows PN 2088-492-444 for the water pump. But it doesn’t cross to an NSN on FEDLOG. My only option now is to order the whole sink assembly at more than $3,300!

Is there an NSN out there for just the water pump?
WO1 R.J.D.

Dear Chief,

Thanks to the good folks at the Natick Soldier Systems Center, there is now. Order the water pump with NSN 4320-01-486-3601.

At $176, that’s a considerable savings. Make a note until the TM can be updated.