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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | April 6, 2020

Power Supply: Unpack PDISE Promptly to K.O. CORROSION!

All models of the Power Distribution Illumination System, Electrical (PDISE), except the M46 electrical utility assembly, are shipped from the manufacturer in sealed wooden shipping crates. Inside are the PDISE, its cables, accessories and TM.

An Army investigation determined that new PDISEs, stored in shipping crates that were exposed to weather, showed corrosion on the connectors and mounting hardware when unpacked.
PDISE models affected
PDISE models affected, by NSN

This problem impacts the following PDISE models:
• M40 A/P, NSN 6150-01-307-9446
• M60 A/P, NSN 6150-01-307-9445
• M100 A/P, NSN 6150-01-308-5671
• M200 A/P, NSN 6150-01-308-5672

Further detective work revealed that the shipping crates were manufactured using formaldehyde. Formaldehyde speeds up corrosion. It causes cadmium “bloom.” Bloom occurs when cadmium transforms into cadmium oxide, a powder-like residue that forms on cadmium-plated components.
PDISE cadmium corrosion         
White powdery substance on PDISE connectors is cadmium corrosion 

To help slow corrosion, a mitigation plan was added to the PDISE technical data package.

But you should still unpack PDISE right away and remove all contents from the shipping crate. Store the unpacked PDISE inside, out of the weather.

Safely dispose of shipping crates and any packing materials, including plastic bags. If cadmium oxide is found, follow the cleaning and disposal procedures in WP 0021 of TM 9-6150-226-13. Also review the cadmium safety tips on Pages 45-47 in PS 723:
Questions? Contact John Mansfield:
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