NEWS | March 26, 2020

RWS APU: A Unit of One

Units with rigid wall shelters (RWS) may be confused about how many 10-kW auxiliary power units (APUs), MEP-903A, to order for their nonexpendable shelters. That’s because there’s conflicting information in TM 11-5411-218-13&P (Oct 06) about the required number of these diesel generators (NSN 6115-01-431-3062, PN 13230E6218).

10-kW APU (Courtesy photo)
The TM lists the incorrect quantity of APUs in the component of end item (COEI) section. It states the quantity needed is four (4), when the correct number of APUs needed is one (1). Another section of the TM—the repair parts and special tools list—gives the correct quantity.

Until the TM is revised, make note of the right amount of APUs. It’s especially important because APUs cost $25,000 each. Due to the TM error, some units have mistakenly ordered four (4) APUs instead of one (1).

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