NEWS | March 20, 2020

M240 Machine Gun: Front Mounting Bushing Can Spin

2/503rd Machine Gun Range
Photo by Spc. Rolyn Kropf
Soldiers, we have an update on the M240 machine gun’s front mounting bushing. If it spins, that doesn’t deadline the weapon.

On Page 41 of PS 788 (Jul 18), we said if there was any movement of the front mounting bushing, the weapon was NMC. That inspection guidance is no longer correct.  So here’s new guidance from TACOM:
Front mounting bushing

Front mounting bushing

1. If you can rotate the left and right sides of the bushings at the same time, in opposite directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise), the inner bushing is loose. Turn in the weapon and get a replacement.
2. All other types of movement are acceptable. Your weapon is fully mission capable (FMC).
3. When inspecting bushings, check them only by hand, not with common tools.   

Inner bushing rotation
Inner bushing rotation

If your weapon fails the new inspection, it needs replacing. Request disposition instructions using the Decision Support Tool found on the AESIP: Army Enterprise Portal website.  By the way, this info used to be on LIW.

Once you receive a turn-in document number, get a replacement M240 machine gun by contacting Anthony Bellomo at: