NEWS | March 12, 2020

Black Hawk: ESSS CEFS Modification Kits Needed


If your UH-60 aircraft has the external stores support system (ESSS) installed, listen up!

ESSS wings are attached to the aircraft to hold external fuel tanks. When new ESSS crashworthy external fuel system (CEFS) tanks are issued, the ESSS wing system must be modified with the new ESSS CEFS modification kit (PN HM029-501-11) to enable the CEFS tanks to be installed on the ESSS wings.

The new CEFS tanks are designed to survive a crash without rupturing, and survive gunfire without exploding or leaking.

Between 2002 and 2013, over 760 ESSS CEFS modification kits were procured and distributed to installations so units could modify all ESSS wings. There’s a problem though. Many of the ESSS wings turned in for RESET didn’t get modified with the CEFS kits. And because of that, the Utility Helicopter Project Office (UHPO) may have to buy more ESSS CEFS modification kits to ensure there’s enough inventory of CEFS-compatible ESSS shipsets.

If your unit received ESSS CEFS mod kits that were never installed on the ESSS wings, turn them in to the UHPO now. Returning unused CEFS kits reduces the need for UHPO to purchase new kits, if the unused CEFS kits can be located.

If you have unused ESSS CEFS modification kits, email Joseph Ingram or Eric Zurowski for guidance on how to turn them in: