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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Feb. 27, 2020

MK-155 MICLIC: Lube It or Lose It

The MK-155 MICLIC is your best insurance policy when you’re dealing with mine fields. It can quickly clear a safe path to follow. 
But, unfortunately, most MICLICS sit for months seeing no action or getting little attention. Then when you need it, your MICLIC won’t work.
Lack of lubrication is the main killer. A survey of one unit found only three (3) out of 18 MICLICs had been lubricated as required by the lubrication order. And those 3 lubed MICLICs had gotten the wrong lube. 

The launcher rail pivot points suffer the most. Without lubrication, they have metal-to-metal contact. That enlarges the pivot point holes, which spells NMC and expensive repairs. 
Enlarged/reamed hole caused by wear/fatigue
Enlarged/reamed hole caused by wear/fatigue
TM 9-1375-215-13&P (Oct 97) says to lube the launcher rail pivot points after each use and quarterly. But that may not be often enough, especially if the system is rarely used.  Crews should raise and lower the launcher rail weekly to make sure it’s moving smoothly. If it’s not, the pivot points need lubing. And use OE/HDO-10W, not GAA. That’s what the TM calls for. GAA is used only on the launcher rail groove and pump handle socket.
After you’ve finished lubing, raise and lower the launcher rail to spread the lube.
Of course, all this lubing won’t help if you leave a MICLIC uncovered. Rain washes away all that lubricant, plus it can get in the pump and ruin it. 
No tarp comes with the MICLIC. A $130 Stryker tarp comes with NSN 2540-00-587-2532, but you can find a much cheaper one at your local big box store. Look for one that’s 12 x 17-ft.
Use a tarp to cover your MICLIC
Use a tarp to cover your MICLIC
Take Off Pressure

Don’t leave the hydraulic pump pumped up when the MICLIC is going to sit. The pressure wears out the pump and it leaks. Then the pump must be replaced. To prevent that from happening, when you’re done operating, hit the release valve and raise and lower the launcher rail until the pressure gauge reads 0. 
Pressure should be 0 psi for storage
Pressure should be 0 psi for storage
Store Cables

There is absolutely no point leaving the cables outside for weeks at a time where the elements can do a number on them. Remove the cables and put them in the storage box or, better yet, inside. When you’re operating, keep the cables hooked up or capped. That seals out dirt and moisture. 
When cables aren’t stored, keep them capped
When cables aren’t stored, keep them capped
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