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NEWS | Feb. 22, 2020

T-11R Reserve Parachute Assemblies: Inspect for Defective Pack Trays

TACOM has issued a ground safety action (GSA) message, GSA #20-008, for T-11R pack trays found with a sticky urethane inner finish coating that sticks to the canopy fabric and netting.

Inspection and record reviews reveal the affected pack trays came from one MC-6 Personnel Parachute System contract number, W58P05-06-D-0006, and one manufacturer CAGE Code 49816, with manufacturing dates between January 2007 and December 2009. Here are the affected models:
  • T-11 Personnel Parachute System, NSN 1670-01-539-4525, LIN T91035
  • MC-6 Personnel Parachute System, NSN 1670-01-527-7537, LIN A46878
  • T-11R Reserve Parachute System, NSN 1670-01-535-2248, LIN N/A
Defective pack tray
Defective T-11 Reserve Pack Tray is sticky 
(Courtesy photo)

There are varying degrees of adhesion between the canopies, netting and pack trays identified. To prevent even a small chance of a malfunction, follow these instructions:
  1. Inspect all T-11R pack trays with manufacturing dates between January 2007 and December 2009 for CAGE Code 49816 and contract number W58P05-06-D-0006.
  2. Immediately remove from service and replace any T-11R pack trays identified by this information.
  3. Test T-11R pack trays that can’t be easily identified due to missing or illegible information on the data block stencil using the step-by-step procedures contained in GSA #20-008. If the test fails, immediately remove from service and replace the pack tray.
  4.  Also inspect T-11R reserve canopies that are attached to defective pack trays. Look for the transfer of urethane, staining or discoloration in the area of adhesion to the pack tray. Clean or remove from service any affected canopies.
T-11R pack trays that are identified by other vendor CAGE codes and contract numbers are not currently affected by this issue and can remain in service.

As a preventive measure, when conducting future technical rigger inspections (TRIs) during a repack cycle or being placed in service, continue to inspect the T-11R reserve pack trays. Any pack trays found with this adhesive defect manufactured after 2009 by any vendor must be reported to TACOM. 

The GSA message with full details, including points of contact, is available online, but access to the website requires a CAC. Visit:
For website assistance, email the TULSA Helpdesk:
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