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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Feb. 11, 2020

T701D Engine: Inquiring Minds Have Questions


Taking care of your engine is a daily task. Answers to questions you might have about the T701D engine can be found in TM 1-2840-248-23&P (Oct 19). So crack open your TM and test your knowledge by answering these engine questions:
1. What is the primary fuel for the T701D engine?
2. What components on the T701D engine use AC power?
3. What components on the T701D engine use DC power?
4. After replacing a failed oil cooler, is it necessary to drain and flush the engine oil system?
5. What WP does the following comment come from? Do not reuse packings that were removed during disassembly. Use new packings at final assembly.
6. What WP covers the replacement of Kelox and Rosan studs and threaded inserts?
7. What process is used to touch up and protect reworked and corroded aluminum surfaces?
8. What phrase describes the following? The closest that two-parts (usually threaded parts like nuts and bolts) can be assembled by hand without forcing
9. What is the definition of Sudden Stoppage?
10. What is a name for a nut permanently attached to a piece of equipment?

 After testing your knowledge, open the attached document (underneath the Share/Print icons at the bottom of the article) to find out how well you did.

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