NEWS | Feb. 11, 2020

Soldier Support: P&E LARs Share Wisdom

Dear Editor,         
I’d like to let your readers know that AMC’s Power and Environmental (P&E) LARs’ information-sharing files have migrated to AKO 2.0.

AKO classic was officially "sunset" in September 2019. For more than 15 years, P&E LARs contributed over 90GB of information, ranging from TMs, PPT training slides, and other useful technical materials to AKO.

We made arrangements to set up a page on the new AKO 2.0, and moved all of our files to the new website. P&E LAR Phil Smalley and I worked the transfer of files, which is now complete.
AKO logo
P&E LAR information can now be found on AKO 2.0

This site is not only for the LAR community, but also for Soldiers, DOD civilians, and contractors. Files cover military standard equipment and some of the commercial systems Soldiers may encounter during deployments worldwide. 

We’ll continue to purge our database of outdated files and replace them with relevant and updated information. Authorized users can access the files at the link below:
Sam Harden
407th AFSB C5ISR Support              
Editor’s note: Sounds like a treasure trove to us, Sam. We’re glad to spread the word.