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NEWS | Feb. 11, 2020

M1087A1 Expansible Van: Keep Floor Tracks Clear and Free

U.S. Soldiers with Bravo Company, 311th Brigade Support Battalion, Missouri Army National Guard prepare an M1087 Medium Tactical Vehicle Expansible Van for use as the unit's supply office during Vigilant Guard 2012 at a logistics support area at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Nov. 3, 2012. Vigilant Guard is a series of federally funded disaster-response drills conducted by National Guard units working with federal, state and local emergency management agencies and first responders.

Photo by Matthew Wilson

When extending or compressing your M1087A1 van, make sure there isn’t any dirt or debris in the floor tracks. Extending or compressing the van while the floor tracks are blocked can seriously damage the van.

Damage can result if van is extended or compressed while floor tracks are blocked

Damage can result if van is extended or compressed while floor tracks are blocked

Regularly check the floor tracks and clean out anything that isn’t supposed to be there. And don’t block the floor channels when you store gear, tools or other equipment in the van.

Keep floor tracks clean and free of debris

Also, before extending or compressing the van, make sure the left- and right-hand side doors are open. If the doors are left closed, the floor panels can snag the retainer nuts on the door handles. That damages the triangular floor bracket assemblies and rollers. Then you can no longer expand or compress the van.
Before compressing the van sides, make sure the front and rear floor panel covers are raised from the floor tracks. That protects the covers from damage.

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