NEWS | Jan. 31, 2020

Patriot Missile System: Don’t Make GPS NMC!

Patriot Missile System… Don’t Make GPS NMC!

Dear Editor,

It doesn’t take much to make the Patriot launcher’s GPS NMC. A little too much muscle removing the two GPS cables can damage their wiring. On our last deployment, we lost six cables that way.

The first mistake Patriot crews make is trying to remove the GPS while they’re standing on the ground. That guarantees the cables will be damaged.

Instead, kneel next to the GPS box on the trailer deck. Pull the GPS a few inches outside the box to give yourself more room to unscrew the cables. Then take your time unscrewing the cables. Make sure you’re turning the cable by its connector, not by the cable itself. And don’t force things.

Kneel next to the GPS box to remove it
Kneel next to GPS box to remove it

SGT Kenneth Hickman
Ft Bragg, NC

Editor’s note: Your GPS suggestion sends Patriot crews in the right direction. Thanks.