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NEWS | Jan. 30, 2020

Combat Vehicles: Always Know the LO

All lube, engine oil and hydraulic fluid are pretty much the same, right? 
Actually, no! And getting it wrong can cause some serious damage to your vehicle.
For example, some M1-series tank crewmen use GAA instead of WTR in their tanks. That’s a big problem because GAA doesn’t stand up to the high heat generated during operations. And when GAA breaks down, so does a very expensive tank!
But crewmen who take the time to read the lube order know that WTR is the only lube authorized for use on the M1-series tank.
That’s why no matter what vehicle or other piece of equipment you’re responsible for, you should always read and heed the lube order. That’s part of good preventive maintenance.
The LO gives you the straight scoop on exactly which lube, oil or hydraulic fluid you should be using. It’ll also give you the proper service intervals. That’s critical to avoiding breakdowns caused by dirty fluids.
So don’t guess or assume. That’ll only cause problems. Instead, be in the know and follow the LO!

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