NEWS | Jan. 30, 2020

TMDE: Changing GCSS-Army Verification Dates Threatens Safety, Reliability

Why I Serve--Spc. Ashley Philpott
Photo by Spc. L'Erin Wynn

Some support units and TMDE discovered Soldiers who go into GCSS-Army and change the verification dates for weapons, night vision equipment and diagnostic equipment.
Then, when support or TMDE notifies the unit it’s time for their equipment to be gauged or calibrated, the unit disagrees, pointing out what GCSS-Army says.
Changing dates makes no sense for two reasons: First, support and TMDE keep separate verification records, so they immediately know when a date is changed. Second, but even more important, fudging dates is dangerous, especially in the case of weapons.
An ungaged weapon may stop working in battle or even blow up.  An unpurged night sight could fog up, blinding you to danger.  And a torque wrench or multimeter that gives inaccurate readings will often lead to equipment failure.
Verification deadlines protect Soldiers and equipment. So don’t mess with them.