NEWS | Jan. 29, 2020

Aviation: Need NSNs for Boots and Flight Suits?

Dear Sergeant Blade,

I’m deployed and I’m looking for some aviator olive-colored flight suits, gloves and boot NSNs. Can you help me with a list of NSNs for these items?
                                                                                                                           Sergeant M.J.

Dear Sergeant,

You’ve come to the right place. What you need is not an olive-drab flight suit but the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU). PEO Soldier provided a list of NSNs for the A2CU, to include sizes. 

As far as boots and gloves go, you can order them from the GSA Advantage website:
Here are the NSNs for the A2CU coat and trousers.
Aircrew Combat Uniform (OCP)
Aircrew Combat Coat (A2CU)
NSN Size
8415-01-641-3701 XS-S
8415-01-641-3707 XS-R
8415-01-641-3709 XS-L
8415-01-641-3715 S-S
8415-01-641-3723 S-R
8415-01-641-3724 S-L
8415-01-641-3725 M-S
8415-01-641-3727 M-R
8415-01-641-3729 M-L
8415-01-641-3730 L-S
8415-01-641-3732 L-R
8415-01-641-3736 L-L
8415-01-641-3737 XL-S
8415-01-641-3739 XL-R
8415-01-641-3741 XL-L
8415-01-043-9529* 42R
*Make a note that this NSN refers to Flyer’s Coveralls.
Aircrew Combat Uniform (OCP)
Aircrew Combat Trousers (A2CU)
NSN Size
8415-01-641-4036 XS-S
8415-01-641-4043 XS-R
8415-01-641-4056 XS-L
8415-01-641-4057 S-S
8415-01-641-4059 S-R
8415-01-641-4063 S-L
8415-01-641-4065 M-S
8415-01-641-4066 M-R
8415-01-641-4068 M-L
8415-01-641-4071 L-S
8415-01-641-4072 L-R
8415-01-641-4074 L-L
8415-01-641-4075 XL-S
8415-01-641-4076 XL-R
8415-01-641-4077 XL-L

If you have questions for PEO Soldier, ask the PEO NCOs using this link:

Hope this helps.
Sergeant “Rotor” Blade