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NEWS | Jan. 24, 2020

Logistics Management: Unserviceable DLR Carcass Return

Buying new repair parts all the time is expensive. So the Army has to rely on old parts being refurbished at the depots. But this can only happen when units return used parts in a timely manner.
To prevent time wasted, it’s important to stop any non-essential paperwork related to depot-level reparable (DLR) carcass returns. Supply clerks, don’t order your DLR replacements as initial issue, even if the location of a DLR is unknown when placing the order.  The only paperwork needed to turn in DLR carcass is shown below.             
The only paperwork needed to turn in DLR carcass.
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Here’s the latest guidance on the timeline(s) you have to return the DLR carcass to the supply system.
Maintainers, after removing the DLR carcass, you have two (2) days to get it ready and turn it in. You’re allowed to turn in the carcass before you get the replacement.  Just make all required entries in GCSS-Army. Then follow the turn-in process to get the carcass back into the system.
Clerks, you have two (2) days (30 days for reserve component) to return the DLR carcass to the right work order and expedite the return to the supply support activity (SSA).
Two (2) days or less is allowed for active component CONUS-based SSAs (30 days for reserve component or OCONUS-based SSAs) to process the DLR carcass and return to the installation SSA.
Installation SSAs, process the DLR carcass the day it’s received from the unit SSAs.
Material managers should conduct a quarterly review with the execution managers to reconcile and find out the status of overdue carcasses.
Here’s a quick reference chart for the prescribed timelines:
 From  To   Days
 Inbound delivery (IBD)  Stock transport order   (STO)  2 days or less
 Maintainer  Unit clerk  2 days or less
 Unit clerk  SSA  2 days or less (30   days for reserve   component)
 SSA  Installation SSA  2 days or less for   active component,   CONUS-based SSAs   (30 days for reserve   component or   OCONUS-based SSAs
 Installation SSA  National disposition  Same day
 Installation SSA  Transportation office  5 days or less unless   customs and   agricultural inspection   is required
 Transportation office  Depot  35 to 90 days   depending on the   priority and location
The full scoop on unserviceable depot-level reparable carcass returns are in ALARACT 76 (Oct 19). With a CAC, you can eyeball it on the PS MilSuite site:
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