NEWS | Jan. 24, 2020

M249 and M240 Machine Guns: Tag the Barrels

Lipizzaner IV exercise: firing M240
Photo by Antonio Bedin


Your M240 and M249 machine guns have two or more barrels.  As you probably know, the barrel has to be gaged to the weapon. So make sure they’re marked with the weapon serial number.  Otherwise, confusion can occur.
Here’s a way to stop any confusion.  Mark each barrel with the weapon serial number, followed by –A for the first barrel and –B for the second barrel.  If you have more than two barrels per weapon, continue with the series.  For example, use –C for the third barrel. 
Use the parts in this chart to mark the barrels.
Tag ordering information.

Here are a few things to do when attaching the tag: 
  • Coat the tag and wire with solid film lubricant, NSN 9150-01-260-2534, to prevent rust and corrosion on the barrel.
  • Before attaching the identification tag, NSN 8465-00-242-4804, stamp the serial number and –A or –B on the tag.  Use the embossing machine that makes your ID tags to stamp the weapon serial number.  If that’s not available, go to your direct support shop.  Eyeball Page 47 of PS 712 (Mar 12) for more details: 
  • Use a rubber mallet to shape the tag to the barrel and leave a 1/4-inch pigtail on the safety wire ends to prevent snagging or injury.  Check out NASM33540 Safety Wire Procedures (Jan 03) to learn about safety pigtails.                     
Special thanks to AMC SCB LAR, Eugene A. Herbest Jr., for sharing this guidance to help ensure weapon barrels are properly marked.