NEWS | Jan. 23, 2020

AGSE: Looking For Aircraft Trailer Parts?

Soldiers training for aircraft recovery with Chinook

Dear Sergeant Blade,

We have an aircraft maintenance trailer and are having problems finding repair parts in FED LOG. The trailer, NSN 1730-00-435-7818, has a terminal acquisition advice code (AAC) of V and was replaced by NSN 1730-01-086-1653. That NSN is also terminal. The trailers are required according to our unit’s MTOE. Can you help with parts? Or is there a suitable replacement aircraft trailer available?
                              SSG T.M.

Dear Sergeant,

The TMs that cover your trailers are TM 55-1730-224- 13&P, Airmobile Aircraft Maintenance Trailer, NSN 1730- 00-435-7818 (Sept 84) and TM 1-1730-227-13&P, Standard Aircraft Maintenance Trailer, NSN 1730-01-086-1653 (Jul 09). 

As you stated, there are no repair parts available for those trailers. So you’ll need to order a substitute trailer instead. The replacement is ground handling trailer, NSN 1740-01-542-1099. Get ready for sticker shock, though. The trailer costs a little over $11K. The manuals have limited repair parts and some of the parts interchange between trailers.

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                                                  SFC "Rotor" Blade