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NEWS | Jan. 21, 2020

Stryker: Start-Up and Shutdown by the Book


Your Stryker needs you to do your job so it can do its job. And part of your job is starting up and shutting down your vehicle the right way. That makes sure no critical components are damaged. Here’s how... 


1.  Make sure all radios and lights are off before starting the engine. Leaving them on can drain batteries and cause an electrical spike that might damage the radios.

2. Engage the parking brake and set the transmission to N (neutral). How you do this will depend on whether your Stryker has a CAT C7 or CAT 3126 engine. See the -10 TM for more info.

3. Pull out the AUX MASTER switch and turn it to the ON position. The automatic fire control system (AFES) panel will begin cycling.

4. Pull out the AUTO MASTER switch and turn it to the ON position. The CHECK ENGINE light should flash. If it doesn’t flash, or won’t stop flashing, tell your mechanic.

5. Flip the ENGINE START switch up one notch to the center position. The vehicle will begin initializing and you’ll hear a series of clicks. Wait until the engine preheat LED goes off and the fuel level gauge moves up from empty.

6. Press up and hold the ENGINE START switch until the engine starts. If the engine won’t start after 15 seconds or fails to reach 100 rpm after it does start, stop the procedure and call your mechanic.

First off, use the parking brake when the vehicle is stopped. Engage the transfer gear lock if parked on a grade of 30 percent or more.
And remember, it’s very important to let the engine idle for three minutes before shutting down. This lets the turbocharger slow down and prevents damage from a lack of oil.
Also, turn off all communication and electrical equipment. That’ll protect equipment from damage by electrical surges. However, don’t turn off any master switches-including AUTO MASTER and AUX MASTER-until the engine is shut down. Shutting down the engine with the master switches off can damage the electrical system.
The complete start-up and shutdown procedures are found in the -10 TMs. You’ll save yourself trouble and maintain combat readiness if you always start up and shut down your Stryker’s engine by the book.

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