NEWS | Jan. 9, 2020

Apache: Mounting Trouble for AAG Antenna



There’s an issue with improper mounting of the Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUMT) lower Air-to-Air-to-Ground (AAG) antenna.

In some units, the lower AAG antenna was mounted backwards, which can affect the MUMT operation. That’s because there’s a 10° blanking zone on the rear of the antenna which is needed to ensure the AAG kit operates properly. If installed backwards, the tail boom blocks the antenna.  

The current version of the Apache IETM doesn’t tell mechanics how to properly orient and mount the antenna. All is not lost, though.  A DA Form 2028, Recommended  Changes to Publications and Blank Forms, has been submitted to include guidance on how to properly orient and mount the antenna in the next update to the Apache IETM.
The mounting procedures will be referenced in the Apache IETM Task MUMT2: Antenna Assembly, KU Band, Omni, Repair by Remove and Install.

To properly mount the lower AAG antenna, the installer orients the larger side of the antenna standoff facing forward. The standoff for the round AAG antenna is shaped like an airfoil, with the larger portion of the standoff facing forward when mounted. Look down into the antenna standoff so you can get a good view of the larger side of the airfoil to correctly orient the antenna. Twelve screws are needed to attach the antenna.
MUMT Lower Antenna
Fig 1. MUMT Lower Antenna Installed
MUMT Lower AAG Drawing Exploded View 
Fig 2. MUMT Lower AAG Drawing Exploded View 
AAG Antenna Correct Orientation 
Fig 3. AAG Antenna Correct Orientation 

If you have questions or need assistance with AAG antenna mounting procedures, contact Dainys Carrasquillo at (256) 842-1115.