NEWS | Dec. 23, 2019

MTRCS NSN: Don’t Get Hosed

Heeding this article could save your unit an unexpected $1000+ upcharge

Dear Editor,

I’m bringing an NSN discrepancy to your attention that we recently discovered on the multi-temperature refrigerated container system (MTRCS).

We tried to order the green light lens for a MTRCS we maintain. We found the item in TM 10-8145-222-23P (Apr 16). The TM lists Item 27 of Fig 31 as NSN 6210-01-511-8208 (PN 101-0972-003).
MTRCS fuel level indicator lights
MTRCS fuel level indicator light panel

When we ran that NSN through FED LOG, it came up as a non-metallic hose that was $1,053.13. When we ran the PN instead, it gave the correct item, but the NSN listed was 6210-00-511-8208.

I’ve got an awesome team working for me and want to share what they found by being diligent when ordering parts. I also want to spread the word so other units won’t receive a $1,000 hose in place of a $3.52 light lens.

Thomas Turner
Ft Bragg, NC
Editor’s note: You’ve certainly hosed down a costly problem, Thomas! The TM needs correcting and in the case of the MTRCS, you’ll need to submit a DA Form 2028 to TACOM. See our how-to article at:
MTRCS training
Photo by  Spc. Charlotte Carulli