NEWS | Dec. 19, 2019

M192 Tripod: PM Tips to Keep Your M192 in Tip-Top Shape


It’s important to conduct good PMCS to keep your M192 tripod in tip-top shape. Make sure to remove any carbon and dirt that may be on the M192 mount. Then apply a thin coat of CLP and lubricate all moving parts. Don’t forget to wipe off the excess CLP.
To keep your traversing and elevation (T&E) mechanism working properly, follow the instructions in WP 27 00-2 of TM 9-1005-245-13&P (Apr 05). And periodically flush and lube the internal components of the T&E. Flushing the T&E will prevent it from looking dirty like this:
Picture of the inside of a T&E
Inside view of T&E mechanism

When it comes time to remove the traverse cover of the traverse mechanism, the four screws may be stuck. Try this trick if that happens. Use a heat gun to loosen up the sealing compound that’s on the threads. The screws should come out with no problem.

Also, when removing your weapon from the M192 tripod, pay close attention to the quick-release lock. Whatever you do, don’t beat on it. That could damage it. Just refer to WP 28 of the TM for dismount procedures or ask your NCO to help you.

The parts section of TM 9-1005-245-13&P has some items with TBD instead of an NSN. Here’s the good news. All parts now have NSNs, so search FED LOG using the part number to get the NSN that’s missing.

Remember, keeping your M192 tripod clean and serviceable keeps you in the fight.