NEWS | Dec. 19, 2019

621G Scraper: Weekly Lube a Must

Operators, the right amount of lube in the right place means smooth operation for your 621G scraper. And here are a few places that especially need your attention.

Two separate banks of grease fittings are located in the middle of scraper’s right side. These fittings get coated with dirt and sand, so make sure you wipe them down before you get started on the lube job.

Man pointing at a bank of grease fittings.
Field rep points to one bank of grease fittings
Close up of a bank of grease fittings.
Closeup of bank of grease fittings

LO 5-3805-296-13 (Sep 12) has the word. Make sure these fittings get lubed weekly with four to five shots of GAA. If any of the fittings clog and won’t take grease, report them to your mechanic.