NEWS | Dec. 18, 2019

Small Arms: Gaging Variance for Annual Services

Let’s address a frequently asked question: Is a 10-percent variance allowed on small arms weapon services, which include annual gaging?
The answer is YES, although there's been some debate about this fact. AR 750-1, Army Material Maintenance Policy, allows for the 10-percent variance when performing services. DA Pam 750-8, The Army Maintenance Management Systems (TAMMS) Users Manual, provides further detail, stating some services may be too critical to have a variance. In these select instances, the equipment maintenance manual states no variance is allowed. However, this no-variance prohibition does not exist in small arms weapons manuals; therefore, the 10-percent variance is allowed, per TACOM subject-matter experts.

The 10-percent variance is allowed both before and after the schedule of days, miles, or hours. 

Per DA Pam 750-8, two more things to remember:
  • When the service is done within the variance, the equipment’s miles, kilometers, or hours are recorded on the date service was scheduled. When a service outside the variance is completed, data is recorded on the actual day the service was completed. The computer schedules the next service from the new date.
  • When the service exceeds the 10 percent variance, the equipment is administratively designated NMC until the service is completed.
The next time small arms weapons manuals are updated, they will explicitly state the 10-percent variance is allowed for small arms weapon services.