NEWS | Dec. 16, 2019

TMs: Readiness By the Book

NSN no good? Does FEDLOG claim that PN doesn’t exist? Sounds like you may might have a case of outdated TM syndrome!

It’s not as rare as you might think. Fact is, we get plenty of equipment questions that can be answered by the latest TMs. The puzzler is why the right info isn’t getting into the right hands.

One reason is that some maintainers don’t know about or haven’t got access to TMs. Or maybe they have access to an old paper TM, but an updated version is only available digitally. More and more TMs are only available digitally.

Sure, we hear some of you moaning about the scarcity of pubs clerks. While we can’t supply more of those good folks, at least know that Army pubs, including TMs, are free to units. That’s motivation for finding them! But how do you find them?

Start with the Army Publishing Directorate:
Click Publications, Technical and Equipment, and choose the pub type, number or title you want. In the case of TMs, you’ll be sent to the Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC) to download them. While there, you can also sign up to receive notifications when pubs are updated.  

Always ensure you’ve got the most current TMs you need to stay on track.  And remember that updated TMs help solve readiness problems.