NEWS | Dec. 13, 2019

M2/M3-Series Bradleys: Keep Batteries Mission Ready


Take care of your Bradley’s batteries so they’re charged and ready at all times. You won’t get far with dead or damaged batteries!
Here’s a couple of power problems that can cause your next mission to fizzle out:
Master Power Switch

Forgetting to turn the Bradley’s MASTER POWER switch to OFF after shutting down the engine is a common mistake, especially with inexperienced drivers. But it’s also a costly mistake that can kill the batteries.
Following the engine shutdown procedures in the -10 TMs will help avoid battery drain.  Just don’t forget you can damage the electrical system if you turn off the MASTER POWER switch while the engine’s still running.
Battery Box Covers

The battery box covers are there for a reason. Some drivers like to keep the covers loose instead of bolting them down. That makes it faster and easier to get to the batteries.
But loose battery box covers tend to bounce around during operations. And if one of the covers comes into contact with a battery terminal, the batteries can short out. That’ll leave you and your Bradley stranded. So bolt those covers down. Leaving them loose isn’t worth the time it saves!