NEWS | Dec. 13, 2019

M153 CROWS II: Lock It Down Before Moving Out


It’s critical that you keep your common remotely operated weapons station (CROWS) II locked whenever your vehicle is on the move. If you don’t, the main frame assembly (MFA) on the CROWS can end up with serious damage.
So be sure all the locks are actually locked before moving out. That includes the azimuth (AZ) lock and the ELEVATION (EL) transport lock. And don’t forget to make sure the sight servo assembly (SSA) clamp is in place.
Also, keep the CROWS lens caps installed except when actually preparing to fire. And if the lens caps have disappeared, as they will, order more with these NSNs:
  • VIM lens cap, NSN 6760-25-150-9879
  • TIM lens cap, NSN 5855-01-584-6138
  • LRF lens cap, NSN 6650-25-160-3989
You can protect your CROWS by keeping it covered with the tan cover, NSN 5340-25-162-1081, or the green cover, NSN 5340-25-162-0697.