NEWS | Dec. 10, 2019

M88A2 Recovery Vehicle: Clean Engine Compartment to Prevent Fires

Heeding this article could potentially save your unit over $300,000
Engine compartment fires in M88A2 recovery vehicles have been on the rise over the past several years. The damage caused by these fires has cost the Army as least $48 million, not to mention Soldier injuries.
Investigators have determined that fuel, oil, dirt, trash and other debris in the engine compartment are causing these engine fires. Also, water pooling in engine compartments has caused corrosion and electrical shorts leading to fires. In other words, all these fires have been preventable!
Mechanics, all M88A2 recovery vehicles need to have their engine compartments cleaned of fuel, oil, dirt and other debris whenever the engine is removed for services. Also, remove the hull drain plugs and pressure wash the engine compartment immediately. That takes a little time but a lot better than your unit shelling out $326,000 for a new engine!
For more information, and a checklist that walks you through the engine compartment cleaning and inspection process, check out TACOM Ground Safety Action Message at:
You’ll need a CAC to access the site.