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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Dec. 9, 2019

Army Combat Fitness Test Equipment NSNs

Soldier practicing the deadlift element of the new U.S. Army Combat Fitness Test
Photo by Kevin Fleming

Refer to this chart to keep your Soldiers fit and ready for their Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).  Note that the only approved ACFT equipment set is NSN 7830-01-675-1851.
Nomenclature NSN 6930- Quantity per Set/Lane
Barbell collar/spring 01-684-6430 2
Hexagon barbell 01-684-6427 1
Kettlebell, 40lbs 01-684-6438 2
Bumper plate, 10lbs 01-684-6410 4
Bumper plate, 15lbs 01-684-6409 2
Bumper plate, 25lbs 01-684-6415 2
Bumper plate, 35lbs 01-684-6419 2
Bumper plate, 45lbs 01-684-6420 8
Medicine ball, rubber, 10lbs 01-684-6435 1
Nylon sled w/pull strap 01-684-6433 1
Measuring tape 01-684-6431 1

For more information, contact Daniel Gailor at DSN (312) 206-2599 or (508) 206-2599. Or call Danielle Kirzow at DSN (312) 206-2590 or (508) 206-2590.
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