NEWS | Nov. 26, 2019

Ammo: Use New Dummy Rounds Only

To prevent mix-ups in the field, three years ago, the Army fielded new small arms dummy rounds that are easily identified as dummy rounds. Units need to remember: these new rounds are the only dummy rounds authorized for training, weapon cycling, and any other situation requiring inert rounds. 
There is one temporary exception: A159 7.62mm linked dummy rounds. These rounds are OK to use until new 7.62 linked dummy rounds are available.

The new dummy rounds are completely nickel-plated. The 9mm dummy round has two holes drilled in the cartridge case, while the 5.56mm, 7.62mm and .50-cal rounds have fluted cartridge cases to make them easy to identify, even in the dark.
The M249 rounds are not available in linked form, but units can get links from their ammo supply point (ASP) and link the dummy rounds themselves.
Here are the new dummy rounds and their NSNs:
Caliber Model DODIC NSN 1305-
9mm M917A1 AB45 01-568-5691
5.56mm M199A1 AB46 01-568-5686
7.62mm M63A1 AB47 01-568-5689
.50-cal M2A1 AB48 01-568-5696
.50-cal linked M2A1 AB36 01-557-7022
The NSN for the M242 machine gun’s 25mm dummy round remains 1305-01-356-0187 and the NSN for the M230 machine gun’s 30mm dummy round remains 1305-01-268-7273.
If you have any of the old dummy rounds except the A159, turn them in to your ASP and request the new dummy rounds. 
Dummy rounds are accountable items, so keep track of them.