NEWS | Nov. 26, 2019

M1128 MSG Stryker: Override Rammer Damage

Reading this article could save your unit $100,000!


It gets hectic inside your M1128 MGS Stryker during gunnery tables. But do not fire the main gun without making sure the autoloader’s rammer assembly is in the HOME position.
The central control panel (CCP) alerts you when the rammer assembly is in the wrong position. Follow the troubleshooting procedures in the -10 TM if you see a caution or warning.
But it’s easy to overlook the CCP when you’re trying to quickly identify and fire on targets. And if the combat override is engaged, or you’re using the emergency manual firing device (master blaster), the main gun will fire even if the rammer assembly isn’t in the HOME position. Goodbye rammer assembly!
So whenever the combat override is engaged or you’re using the master blaster, always eye the rammer assembly closely to make sure it’s in the HOME position. If you fire with the rammer assembly in the wrong position, you could cost your unit nearly $100,000!  That’s how much it costs to replace the rammer assembly.