NEWS | Nov. 21, 2019

DRASH: Replacing Power Unit Frame Shelters

What do you do when DRASH tents are not mission capable or not economically repairable? The answer is simple.

The Army has approved replacement of the older technology articulating frame shelters listed below:
PU-821/T, PU-822A/T 11-6115-742-13&P (May 12)
PU-823A/T, PU-824B/T 11-6115-748-13&P (Sep 09)
PU-823/T, PU-824A/T 11-6115-743-13&P (Jul 09)
 The following HDT® AirBeam® tents/shelters are newer technology, and are authorized substitutions for the DRASH MX and DRASH J:
HDT® Airbeam® Model NSN 8340-
Series 20, medium green 01-656-3890
Series 20, medium tan 01-656-3894
Series 32, large green 01-657-0010
Series 32, large tan 01-657-0038
Picture of Medium AirBeam Shelter
HDT® Airbeam® Model, Medium Tan

When requisitioning the new HDT® Airbeam® series, units will get all necessary parts needed to raise the new tents/shelters.

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