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NEWS | Nov. 18, 2019

Small Arms: Don't Mix & Match your Red/Yellow BFAs

Dear Editor,
I'm writing to raise awareness of an issue we’re noticing with the blank firing adapters or BFAs. Soldiers are using the red and yellow BFAs interchangeably and this leads to cycling problems when firing and possible damage. The BFAs are intended for specific weapons and are not interchangeable.
BFAs come in two colors: yellow and red. Each is designed for specific weapons and each has its own NSN. Soldiers sometimes mix and match their BFAs with weapons for which they weren’t intended (especially the ones in slides 3, 4, and 5 in the attached PDF).  When incorrectly matched with a weapon and fired with blanks during training, they can cause damage to that weapon.
Red and yellow blank firing adapters
Don't mix and match red and yellow BFAs. Use them according to the PDF at the link below.
AMC LARs who specialize in small arms have also found that Soldiers sometimes spray paint the BFAs because they believe they’re interchangeable and may be short one or the other. Do not spray paint any BFAs. Their original color has a very specific purpose and ensures they are used on the correct weapon.  The proper matching of each BFA to various weapons by type and NSN is available at this link (You'll need your CAC to access it):
Please encourage leaders to download, copy and share this document as widely as possible with their Soldiers and subordinate leaders.
Gustavo "Gus" Caruso
Schofield Barracks, HI
Editor’s Note: We’re happy to share the document via the link above, Gus. As always, thank you for staying on top of issues like this one.
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