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NEWS | Oct. 30, 2019

CROWS: Does Mandrel Come with Boresight Kit?

Dear Half-Mast,

We ordered the M153 CROWS boresight kit with NSN 1005-01-571-7212. According to TM 9-1090-221-10, it looks like the kit should have included a boresight mandrel adapter, NSN 4920-01-548-7633. But there’s no foam cutout for it inside the tool kit. Does the mandrel adapter need to be ordered separately?
Mr. S.S.

Dear Sir,

When you order the M153 boresight kit, NSN 1005-01-571-7212, it includes the laser boresight system (LBS) kit, in addition to the optical boresight (OBS). The mandrel adapter, NSN 4920-01-7633, comes as part of the LBS/OBS kit. There is no foam cutout for the mandrel in the M153 case because it’s included in the LBS soft case.

If the LBS, NSN 5860-01-471-2091, is ordered separately, though, the mandrel adapter is not included. The mandrel is needed only when the LBS is used with the optical boresight mandrels in the M153 kit. Order the mandrel with NSN 4920-01-548-7633.
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